Oasis Pavilion Increases Recreational Attendance by 900%

Oasis Pavilion Nursing and Rehabilitation
Improving the quality of life, engagement and happiness of residents.

Oasis Pavilion Nursing and Rehabilitation is a premier nursing home located in Casa Grande, Arizona, that offers both skilled nursing and long-term care. Oasis serves over 100 residents and has 134 beds certified by Medicare and Medicaid. Since 2010, Oasis has been providing compassionate and personalized care to residents to help them attain the highest level of functionality.

Oasis’ Goals

Like most nursing homes or senior living communities, Oasis experienced that it had a certain percentage of residents who did not attend group activities. These residents are frail, with mobility disabilities, with mild cognitive disabilities or generally disinterested in attending any activity. Oasis’ staff performed increased number of one-on-one room visits to ensure socialization.

Oasis wanted to create a thriving community environment where all residents, regardless of their abilities, feel connected, comfortable, inspired, motivated, energetic and socially engaged. Oasis wanted to provide an innovative program that would help increase resident engagement, happiness, satisfaction, and improve their quality of life. In turn, helping Oasis to improve staff efficiencies by reducing the number of one-on-one room visits.


Oasis piloted televeda’s Empowered Living program to meet these goals. Empowered Living classes were conducted once weekly on Saturdays to complement Oasis’ staffing needs.

Oasis found that in less than 4 classes, participation in Empowered Living grew to over 40 participants per class. Empowered Living’s use of accessible technology, music, abilities-based brain games, physical therapy-based movements (disguised as dance) and energetic atmosphere drew even the most reluctant residents out of their rooms.

Residents reported feeling adequate, motivated to exercise, and filled with an “I can do this!” attitude. Some residents found inspiration from instructors. In one Empowered Living class, an Oasis resident with late stage Parkinson’s disease stood up from his wheelchair and started dancing to the music, much to the surprise of the staff. Another resident with visual impairment who historically did not communicate with anyone, started singing along in the class.


With Empowered Living, Oasis residents have demonstrated improvements in physical functionality, mood, energy, and higher quality relationships with each other and with the staff. Empowered Living has helped Oasis increase resident attendance, participation, and duration of resident engagement, helping Oasis streamline efficiencies of staff by reducing the unnecessary one-on-one room visits.

Oasis staff found that residents who participated in the Empowered Living program demonstrated improved functionality in the dining room and in their activities of daily living. For instance, one Oasis resident who had not been able to wheel herself due to arthritis is now able to wheel herself independently.

Staff has reported that the Empowered Living members have formed a strong community outside of the class. Residents have forged new friendships, they have meals together in the dining hall, and during the Holidays, they group together in the lobby area and often start a dance party.


televeda implemented the Empowered Living program at Oasis on an annual basis starting January 2019. It didn’t take long for the staff, the residents and families to realize the value added service and savings that televeda provides. Today, Oasis and televeda work as partners looking after 40+ class size weekly.