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How Live Streaming Technology Can Boost Your Wellness

Due to the current health policies being implemented throughout the country and worldwide, many individuals are staying home to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. This can be challenging, but the advances we have in our technology are allowing most of us to still socialize and stay healthy. In particular, live streaming technology allows viewers worldwide to observe and participate… Read more →

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televëda: Working Through COVID-19 Together!

televëda’s live streaming programming has always prioritized seniors and their health needs, and we’ve been following the spread of COVID-19 diligently.  We feel a deep responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of seniors everywhere, and with senior communities limiting access to protect the wellbeing of their residents, we realize our virtual fitness, educational, and gaming programs can keep seniors… Read more →

Study finds interactive livestreaming better than social media and email to reduce isolation 

    Loneliness is crippling for everyone, especially older adults. The trouble is that chronic loneliness doesn’t just make you feel terrible but, it also has devastating health consequences.  In a study conducted at Brigham Young University, researchers found that the effects of chronic loneliness are equivalent to smoking fifteen cigarettes a day.  But, unlike for anxiety and depression, there… Read more →

Why Tai Chi is So Fun and Ideal for Strength and Fall Prevention

  Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial arts practice that is super interesting, body-mind meditative and extremely enjoyable. You’ve probably seen groups of people practicing Tai Chi in a park or at the gym, so you may have some idea what it’s all about. Low intensity, slow-motion, flowing, circular movements. No weights. So, it’s actually very easy to practice!… Read more →