How Live Streaming Technology Can Boost Your Wellness

live streaming technology, activities for seniors, safe socialization for seniors, virtual wellness
Live streaming technology can support physical, mental, and social health, especially for seniors!

Due to the current health policies being implemented throughout the country and worldwide, many individuals are staying home to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. This can be challenging, but the advances we have in our technology are allowing most of us to still socialize and stay healthy. In particular, live streaming technology allows viewers worldwide to observe and participate in events they otherwise could not, and can promote physical, social, and mental health. 

Though little can replace face-to-face interaction, live streaming has many attributes that makes it a great resource. It’s immediate: you’re viewing something as it occurs in real time. It’s sensory: you can hear and see what’s happening on the other side of your screen. And more than that, it can be interactive: you can respond to those sights and sounds! Live streaming is also accessible. Even those with physical or mental limitations can enjoy using the technology from wherever they are. Live streaming is a top technology to take advantage of during this time, and always.

Some Live Streaming Resources  

  1. Get Social. FaceTiming, Zoom, and the app HouseParty have become increasingly popular in 2020. From catching up with a friend, to having virtual happy hours with coworkers, these live streaming applications are busier than ever. Netflix even released a Chrome extension (Netflix Party) so that people could enjoy shows and movies together at the exact same time. 
  2. Stay Healthy. Telehealth companies have seen a surge of users right now. Due to the unprecedented rates, companies are racing to up their infrastructure to handle 700% increases in traffic. Here at televëda, we’ve also been expediting onboarding processes and offering free usage for homebound seniors to help with the need. A huge aspect of senior citizen’s health is their level and quality of social interactions, and by providing programming for senior centers, we allow their leadership and staff to focus on the safety of their residents. 
  3. Feel Fit. Several fitness companies are providing streams of their live classes for free, so that individuals can boost their social and physical health at once. Peloton (which has always been based in live streaming) has extended their free digital trials to 90-day access, as has Fitbit. Barry’s Bootcamp and Rumble boxing have also been hosting free classes on their IGTV channels. At televëda, we’re supplying our fitness classes for free at this time. Check out more resources here
  4. Enjoy Life. Several art, cultural, and environmental institutions have been supplying live streams to viewers worldwide. Zoos, museums, and even national parks have been sharing various wonders (check out these penguins taking a personal tour of their aquarium) and various celebrities have been live streaming concerts and music sets to followers and fans.
live streaming technology, activities for seniors, safe socialization for seniors, online classes for seniors
The elderly need socialization and fitness to stay healthy.

The need for live streaming, and its various benefits, is becoming more evident daily. As telemedicine organizations are working to handle the influx of patients, and increasingly more seniors are in need of safe socialization, policies are being created to help. A bipartisan bill seeking to reduce barriers to implementing these technologies in nursing homes is in Congress right now. These actions are vital for the health of the elderly. A lack of socialization and access to healthcare can be harmful for senior center residents. Providing virtual, live streaming options is one of the most efficient ways to maintain their physical and mental wellness. 

Though the coronavirus pandemic has changed many individuals’ way of life, we’re fortunate that live streamed resources are being offered in a variety of ways to keep people healthy and happy, no matter their age or ability.