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5 Fun Social Wellness Games for Seniors

The Importance of Socializing for Seniors Social isolation has long been a serious issue for older adults, and isolation and loneliness leave individuals feeling disconnected, misunderstood, and stressed. They also increase one’s risk of death by at least fifty percent. Emphasizing one’s social wellness is just as important as physical and mental health because every aspect of one’s health is… Read more →

How to Host the Best Virtual Trivia Game for Seniors

Why Virtual Trivia is a Great Game for the Elderly Social distancing policies don’t mean that socializing stops. Much of today’s socialization is now done through live streaming technology, allowing individuals to interact and engage safely. And what is one of the most popular activities, online and in person? Trivia! Trivia is a great opportunity to flex your mental muscles,… Read more →

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The Easiest Way for Activity Directors to Live Stream to Senior Community Residents

At televëda, we work with senior communities to provide online and live stream classes, so we understand the current pressure on activity directors to maintain programming despite social distancing policies and shutdowns.  Good news: using live streaming technology is one of the fastest ways to get a huge range of content to your senior center residents! But, we understand that… Read more →

How to Run Virtual Online Classes for Senior Citizens

The Rise of Live Stream Online Classes The prevalence of virtual classes has been on the rise even before today’s social distancing policies and shut downs. From telemedicine to telefitness, several wellness-focused practices have been moved to the online realm. With the continued interest from technology developers and company stakeholders, virtual classrooms are poised to become standard for content delivery… Read more →