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How to Make the Best Virtual Karaoke Party for Senior Citizens

Social distancing isn’t ending anytime soon, and that means it’s high time to find socialization and activities that are safe, while still being fun!  And what is a popular, high-energy activity that most people love? Karaoke! Whether it’s a night out with your friends, or a party activity, karaoke allows one to enjoy the benefits of music, singing, and performing… Read more →

How to Host the Best Virtual Trivia Game for Seniors

Why Virtual Trivia is a Great Game for the Elderly Social distancing policies don’t mean that socializing stops. Much of today’s socialization is now done through live streaming technology, allowing individuals to interact and engage safely. And what is one of the most popular activities, online and in person? Trivia! Trivia is a great opportunity to flex your mental muscles,… Read more →

How to Run Virtual Online Classes for Senior Citizens

The Rise of Live Stream Online Classes The prevalence of virtual classes has been on the rise even before today’s social distancing policies and shut downs. From telemedicine to telefitness, several wellness-focused practices have been moved to the online realm. With the continued interest from technology developers and company stakeholders, virtual classrooms are poised to become standard for content delivery… Read more →