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online programming fatigue

Beating Online Program Fatigue: How to Stay Productive and Motivated When Everything You Do is Online

“Zoom fatigue.” “Zoom exhaustion.” “Online program fatigue.” A year ago many of us never would have heard of these phrases, but now they’re all too common. With consistent and semi-constant online meetings for work, using live streaming platforms to catch up with friends, and even attending workout classes online, almost everything that we do has become virtual, and that can… Read more →

Security Alert: Live Stream Safety Practices for Senior Citizens

Even before today’s social distancing policies and shutdowns, internet and technology usage has soared in the senior demographic. In America, almost 75% of older adults are using the internet, and more than half own a smartphone. Technology is increasing the ability for the elderly to “age in place” by providing immediate access to family, health providers, and home services. Technology… Read more →

British Doctors Will Soon Be Able to Prescribe Art, Music, Dance and Singing Lessons to Patients

  In October 2018, the British government unveiled an ambitious strategy to tackle the growing problem of loneliness in the U.K. — Expansion of Social Prescribing. What is social prescribing? Social prescribing enables organisations, including doctors (i.e. general practitioners), to refer people to a range of services that offer support for social, emotional or practical needs. Services include music lessons,… Read more →

What is the right word to describe the 65+ demographic?

“Boomers”, “old people”, “senior citizens”, “seniors”, “elderly” and “golden-agers”. These are some of the phrases that are commonly used to describe a generation of adults over the age of 65. But, most people tend to dislike being addressed as such. “Old people”, “senior citizens” and “seniors” definitely sound condescending and rude. But, what is wrong with someone being called old?… Read more →