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There’s a lot that goes into virtual programming, and in today’s increasingly online world, organizations must provide virtual content to meet the needs of consumers. However, COVID-19 greatly accelerated its already speedy adoption due to shutdowns and social distancing policies. 

Almost overnight, organizations with little to no online experience–and even those with already some online presence–had to scramble to move their entire business online. This meant businesses and staff had to quickly learn tech support, content creation and production, and new online platforms. And this learning curve applied to their customers too.

Our Virtual Content Study

As a live streaming software company, we wanted to learn how organizations were managing this change. In partnership with the Arizona State University HealLab team, we conducted a comprehensive survey of local organizations to learn in depth about their virtual activity best practices, challenges, questions, and successes.

We surveyed businesses from a variety of sectors, including non-profit, healthcare, faith-based groups, civil and academic institutions, libraries, and senior living communities. The study reviewed best practices for remote counseling sessions, museum tours, pregnancy and parenting classes, poetry readings, pet training, board meetings, and more. Often, many of these organizations never held any of these events virtually before, and learning the ins & outs of streaming platforms, content development, and community engagement was a sometimes challenging process. 

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Still, over 90% of those organizations are planning on increasing or maintaining their live streaming presence after shutdowns and social distancing requirements are over. Despite the challenges, there were benefits too: new users, increased engagement, and more flexibility in the services they could provide. 

Whether you already have an online presence, want to start making your own virtual content, or are just interested in the future of this booming industry, join our webinar on Wednesday, July 29th, at 11 am for an in-depth look into live streaming best practices and how virtual content will ultimately grow your business and community.

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