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Beating Online Program Fatigue: How to Stay Productive and Motivated When Everything You Do is Online

“Zoom fatigue.” “Zoom exhaustion.” “Online program fatigue.” A year ago many of us never would have heard of these phrases, but now they’re all too common. With consistent and semi-constant online meetings for work, using live streaming platforms to catch up with friends, and even attending workout classes online, almost everything that we do has become virtual, and that can… Read more →

Using Live Streaming Technologies to Maintain Business and Community During Shutdowns

As the coronavirus epidemic continues, leaders across the senior living industry are seeking to find ways to strike a balance between the risk of social isolation and the risk of infection. Communities are harnessing live streaming, communicative technologies to help their clients and maintain community during this time. Here are five ways organizations are working to maintain their community and… Read more →

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Remote Care Options in Telehealth for Senior Citizens

Telemedicine is Key for Elderly Patients Even before the start of coronavirus shutdowns, telemedicine was growing in popularity. But due to the health policies created to reduce infection rates, the telehealth industry has virtually exploded in the past six months. And for senior citizens, remote health is one of the best options for treatment today, given their risk of infection. … Read more →

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Free Webinar: How to Use Live Streaming to Your Grow Your Organization’s Online Community

Live Streaming is a Great Way to Build Your Business and Maintain Your Community Register Here! There’s a lot that goes into virtual programming, and in today’s increasingly online world, organizations must provide virtual content to meet the needs of consumers. However, COVID-19 greatly accelerated its already speedy adoption due to shutdowns and social distancing policies.  Almost overnight, organizations with… Read more →

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The Easiest Way for Activity Directors to Live Stream to Senior Community Residents

At televëda, we work with senior communities to provide online and live stream classes, so we understand the current pressure on activity directors to maintain programming despite social distancing policies and shutdowns.  Good news: using live streaming technology is one of the fastest ways to get a huge range of content to your senior center residents! But, we understand that… Read more →