Life Streaming: Staying engaged with people and current events

Live streaming is to transmit or receive live video coverage over the internet. In other words, this means that the person viewing the video does not need to physically be at the live event to watch it live. According to fmgsuite, a live streaming website, the first live stream platform called Livestream was invented in 2007.

Live stream has been offered on various social media apps for the past few years such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook. By 2020, 82% of online traffic will be from live streaming. Live streaming is currently on the rise, by being an alternative way for all people to stay informed and engaged. The amount of people who choose to watch a live stream video instead of a social media post has rose to 82%. Live streaming is interesting, affordable and easy to navigate, causing it to become a hot commodity.

Since live streaming allows people to watch live video in any given location, this increases the viewer size. People are busy with their daily lives and won’t be able to attend every event, so having the option of live streaming allows them to keep up with pop culture, sports and the news all the time. Live streaming is free and requires no extra equipment besides a phone, laptop or tablet making it accessible to large crowds. Live streaming has opened doors for various people who are disabled or unable to leave their homes. Programs such as Twitch and Televeda offer live streaming services for people to connect with others online.

Twitch is a live streaming program for video gamers, and now provides opportunities for people with disabilities. Twitch doesn’t just provide community and entertainment, but it also provides an income for some of their gamers. Televeda has always focused on live streaming with accessibility first design principles, whether it is its single click sign join class feature or visual and auditory aids during classes. Televeda provides endless opportunities to engage a community by providing brain games and exercise classes. The classes and activities can be done online or at long term care facilities.

According to several sources, 25% of people living in senior housing suffer from loneliness causing a 50% chance increase in premature death. Televeda’s ultimate goal is to provide these live streaming services that decrease loneliness and isolation by providing an interactive environment for people to connect with others. Televeda provides music, movement and education in their live streams. It also includes technical support, unlimited users broadcasting of events, strong programming and visual and auditory aid.

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