5 Safe (and Fun!) Exercise Routines for the Elderly

exercise routines for the elderly, activities for seniors
Stay active with age is an important part of seniors’ physical and mental health!

Keeping active is a vital part of one’s health at any age. But, as we get older, it’s increasingly important to include exercise in your daily life. Following an exercise plan maintains physical health and prevents injury for older adults. 

That’s why at televëda we’ve carefully developed our fitness classes so that seniors can stay safe while being active, and even use the routines they learn as exercise programs at home. Here are some of the best exercises to keep seniors in shape, safely!

5 Safe Workout Ideas For Seniors

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a blended mind-body practice that began in China. It is one of the common forms of exercise for older adults, and helps with balance, flexibility, and strength, as well as promotes longevity. It provides mental benefits as well, such as improved memory function and reduced cognitive decline. 

There are several different Tai Chi styles to choose from, depending on goals and ability level. At televëda, we teach chair-based Tai Chi that is easy to learn and easy to follow! It involves a series of movements performed in a slow, focused manner that are accompanied by deep breathing to help improve well-being and focus. 

Check out these beginner Tai Chi videos for seniors to try: https://dailycaring.com/3-easy-tai-chi-videos-for-seniors-prevent-falls-improve-balance-and-strength-video/

Seated Yoga

Not all yoga requires unimaginable flexibility and the ability to do handstands! We’re a huge fan of Chair yoga at televëda because it’s accessible for everyone, while still providing numerous health benefits: increased flexibility and strength, reduced stress, and improved pain management. Our seniors love our televëda Chair Yoga: check out the link to this class offering here! 

Check out this link for eight poses that create a great exercise routine older adults can try at home. All you need is a chair!

Chair Yoga Poses

senior activity instructor tai chi, meditation
Angela Fears, one of our expert instructors, leads seniors in meditation, tai chi, and other safe exercise instruction.


Dance is a fun, accessible exercise that only requires a desire to groove! Dance improves agility, posture, and muscle memory. Studies have also shown dancing regularly reduces dizziness and helps prevent cognitive decline. So, whether you want to learn a dance routine, or just enjoy swaying to a favorite tune, dancing is a great cardio exercise for seniors. 

At televëda, we love to include aspects of dance in several of our fitness classes, as well as bring in experts to teach various dance forms, such as seated tap dancing with Team USA’s very own Zachary Kelly, or learning Inner Dance Movement with Shiamak Davar.

Stretching & Low-Impact Exercises

Use a combination of stretching and low-impact exercises to get a safe, well-rounded workout. At televëda, we developed a 60-minute holistic wellness class called Empowered Living that starts with slow and focused breathing exercises, followed by low-impact seated movements designed to stretch the body. 

Stretching allows for a bigger range of motion in the joints, improves posture, and reduces chance of injury. Check out these full body stretches that are perfect for seniors to increase their mobility.

televëda Zen Flow

This exercise routine we created combines the benefits of mindful meditation, breathing, and seated Tai Chi. We focus on breathing techniques, movement, and mindfulness that flows into a light, seated-movement routine. 

Zen meditation involves observing thoughts and feelings, as well as becoming in tune with the nature of one’s body. Practicers sit upright and follow the movement of their breath as they let go of all judgements. Some of the various benefits include reduced stress, better pain management, stronger immune systems, and lowered blood pressure. You can try out your own Zen meditation class by following along here: 

Zen Meditation Video

Ready to Get Started with Some Fun Exercises On Your Own?

Check out these televëda workouts especially designed to be a safe exercise routine for seniors. Enjoy!

  1. Lower Body Exercises for Seniors
  2. Upper Body Exercises for Seniors

Want more? Check out all of televëda’s offerings at televeda.com/classes.